Real Google Pixel 2 photo apparently leaks out, dual speakers visible

Real Google Pixel 2 photo apparently leaks out, dual speakers visible

It remains unclear whether, like Apple, Google will offer wireless headphones alongside the Pixel 2, or whether users will be forced to carry around another ruddy dongle. The design of the rear of the device also confirms a single camera. The same case is not going to happen when Google gets down to releasing the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 so a plethora of changes would be necessary in order for the pure-Android-running handset to hit a home run during its official unveiling.

The recent leak (which still can't be confirmed but is likely to be the actual design) pointing to larger bezels might be a bit of a shock, but it might also make sense if you consider the rumor that the Pixel 2 was to come with a normal screen aspect ratio instead of the 18:9 aspect ratio that the Pixel XL 2 is rumored to have. On Friday, VentureBeat's Evan Blass shared a blurry image of what is purported to be the Google Pixel 2, but it doesn't look at all what we expected it to look like. This move would have always been contentious, though Google's teasing at the original Pixel launch a year ago certainly does not help.

On the photography front, the Nokia 8 is expected to feature a Carl Zeiss-branded dual-camera setup at the back.

What are your thoughts on this leaked image of the Pixel 2?

Apple removing the headphone jack means that the company will start to earn more royalties from accessory manufacturers as now, they will be using the company's patented port for more than just charging cables. Given how good Google is when it comes to software optimizations, this 2GB RAM difference will probably not be noticeable in terms of performance. Google had announced the coming of the new phones at an event in October a year ago.

The back looks nearly identical to the back of the purported Pixel XL 2, which means that neither the Pixel 2 nor the Pixel XL 2 will have a dual-lens camera.

The other relates to the feature found on the HTC U 11, called squeeze-sensitive frames.

If you're holding out hold for at least one bezel-free Pixel, note that Blass says the phone in that image is the smaller of Google's upcoming devices, code-named Walleye.

With the new OS comes a bunch of new features and upgrades over the current Android Nougat and this should make fans even more excited about the 2nd-gen Pixel phones.



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