Why Apple's 10th anniversary iphone is a game changer

But will it change Apple's own game

When the iPhone was known to the world as a new product from Apple Inc., "smartphone" was hardly the term for a class of electronic devices. Is this price tag justifiable or is it outrageous?

The first iPad made all of that bigger, creating an entirely new category of device. The Portrait Lighting feature was exhibited by the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and uses the depth information from the dual cameras to simulate professional lighting setups on a subject. During the keynote Tuesday, Apple said it is working with Snap to develop what it calls "hyper-realistic filters" that can track the face movements of iPhone X users.

With only Space Grey and Silver colours to choose from, it's obvious Apple wants you to spend more time looking at the front of the iPhone X (pronounced "ten") rather than the back - it's where you'll find that massive 5.8in OLED display, after all. Mobiles.co.uk, part of the Dixons Carphone Group, has also opened up pre-registrations. The display fits edge-to-edge, top-to-bottom. Michael Levine, vice president of marketing at digital experience enabler Photon, told Retail Dive via e-mail that as biometrics technology advances, touch-based biometrics are becoming outdated.

Pricing starts at $699 for the iPhone 8 and $799 for the iPhone 8 Plus. Whatever it is that you come up with should hopefully focus your decision making, or at least narrow it down a bit.

That said, looks aren't everything.

Reuters reported the iPhone X's price raised a few eyebrows.

Its software features do feel ahead of the curve, though - particularly when it comes to facial recognition.

Apple normally ships new products within a week or two of announcing them, although the company said that the later date was consistent with earlier guidance to investors. The audience roared with applause. So, it's unlikely a jealous spouse could hover the phone over your face while you're sleeping to access your phone. For sports fans, the new TV app is-of course-"a game-changer".

It also has a glass backing for wireless charging and face-scanning tech for the new Face ID system and the Animoji.

The irony is clear. But a decent, boring phone that works is infinitely better than a phone from the future that doesn't actually let you use it.

Apple on Tuesday unveiled iPhone X with facial recognition system, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the new Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K.

The efficiency is also improving the battery life, Apple claims. Coupled with these cores is a new, second generation performance controller that makes use of all the six cores simultaneously, delivering up to 70 percent greater performance for multi-threaded workloads.



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