UFC's Conor McGregor, Max Holloway trade social media blows

A.J. Lester ‘playing’ UFC 218
        Twitch? WME-IMG? EA Sports? A.J. Lester

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The interface also makes submission escapes difficult, allowing fighters with good top games to dominate simply because becoming serviceably decent at the game's striking portion is easier than coming to grips with grappling. EA Sports ran a beta over the weekend for its upcoming game UFC 3, which is out in early 2018. UFC, WEC, 11 years undefeated, you can go on and on about him. Does he turn a sanctioned Bellator fight in Dublin into an unsanctioned, full blown triple threat match with €560 million in the bank?

Some of McGregor's current problems extend far beyond the financial and sporting realms, however, amid all the chaos surrounding him these last few weeks, it was interesting that he recently decided to jab both the Sunday Independent and the newly-crowned UFC Featherweight champion Max Holloway.

'For him to bring me up is actually funny.

The crack at the Sunday Independent most likely stemmed from the two pieces written about him in the newspaper's sports section. Hopefully his account doesn't get banned and he doesn't get locked up. The man who goes by AJ Lester immortalized himself as an internet legend for his heroics and after going viral, I don't see why the UFC wouldn't set some sort of partnership up with him where he does this for every fight night event. However, it is clear that the Brazilian sees Max Holloway in another light and is happy to see his status as the greatest featherweight on the planet passed on to the Hawaiin youngster. "I think the fight (in Hawaii) is going to happen". His 12-fight win streak represents the fifth longest winning streak in UFC history. "I told you guys". I want to know how the new flavor tastes like. I kind of did see Conor on Saturday.



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