Hands-on with Android P on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Google Unveiled Android P Public Beta

Google at the I/O 2018 event in California, unveiled Android P Developer Preview 2. The company has already tested Android App Bundles on its own apps like YouTube and other apps like LinkedIn which saw a 23% file reduction.

With Android P, Google is adding several new features to Android, including more robust notifications that show the user what components of their device an app is using in the background. If a GUI falls in the forest and no one uses it, did it really happen?

Along with Android P's first public beta release came a brand new gesture based navigation method.

As mentioned above, the latest iteration of the OS is available for the Pixel devices such as Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Since Google will be the one generating the APK, it has gained the advantage of offering "Dynamic Deliver" while serving apps. But there's one step that comes before this, and that's enabling USB debugging from the developer options. You enable gesture navigation by navigating to Settings System Gestures and toggling "Swipe up on Home button" to On.

Go Home: There's no more home button (virtual or otherwise) in Android P, but the replacement is pretty straightforward.

You should enter the IMEI number of your Nokia 7 Plus (open the dialer and enter *#06#) on the page, as well as the carrier your SIM card is registered to, and the country. Google figured that automatically shutting off Wi-Fi would save some power and thus be beneficial to the user. To enrol in the program, you need to head to android.com/beta.

"My sense is that humans, in general, don't mind talking to machines so long as they know they are doing so", read a post credited to Lauren Weinstein in a chat forum below the Duplex blog post. Just swipe your finger all the way up the screen to skip straight to your full list of apps.

Android P debuted with a slew of new features such as Slices, iPhone X-like gestures, Adaptive battery, Adaptive brightness, Predictive actions, and more. This then fills up the screen with the app drawer, with your popular apps sitting in a custom row right near the top.

The assistant will be able to answer questions, like, "What service are you looking for?" or "What time are you looking for?"

Among them: Is it fair - or even legal - to trick people into talking to an AI system that effectively records all of its conversations?

Switch Between Apps: To quickly switch between apps without launching multi-tasking view, press down on the pill-shaped button and drag it to the right to shuffle through recent apps.



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